Massage Experience in Phuket

My Experience in Phuket, Thailand

Thai massage is a unique type of holistic touch that is distinct from Western conventional massage in several ways. You lay flat on the ground while the practitioner manipulates the body gently in certain directions to stimulate various organs and enhance flexibility. Thai massage is an ancient Thai martial art. It helps to ease tension and restore balance to the body and also promotes a sense of well-being. In this blog you’ll know about my Massage Experience in Phuket, Thailand.

Thai massage practitioners do not wear masks or use their hands to massage the body, unlike other types of massage. Thai massage practitioners typically stretch their muscles by using their elbows and feet. The hands are not visible, except when they are rubbing the arms or face of the client. Since there is no touch and manipulation, Thai massage can be more stimulating than the typical Western massage because stretching is not a requirement for breaking the connection between the body and the mind. Massage therapists who specialize in Thai massage may request their clients to lie down on a table or mat, and then focus on these areas, using only their hands and legs for stretching and manipulation.

Contrary to the majority of other types of Thai massages, the entire body isn’t kneaded or brushed. The masseuse uses her hands to massage the body using techniques like rolling the neck by pushing the shoulder forward, pressing down on the nose or throat and tapping certain pressure points along your spine. Thai massage can be very expensive as Thai massage therapists are not allowed to touch and manipulate the skin of the patient. In fact, Aromatherapy massage Thai masseuses are prohibited from using their hands in any way, instead relying on their elbows, feet and sometimes their elbows and fingers for full body Thai massage. This has led to some criticism of Thai massage, particularly from Western professionals who are constrained in their flexibility by their gloves and by the belief that Thai massages can cause serious harm.

However, Thai massage has gained popularity in the United States over the last decade, mainly because of the popularity of Thai massage in Bangkok. Many Thais travel to Bangkok from the United States. This means that many Thais regularly visit the spas and temples in the outside of the city, where Thai massage is practiced. This group of Thais is especially adept at the full body massage. This is a good thing. Many people visiting Thailand want to try something new and exciting, so they travel to new places. Many Thais who have been abroad in other countries would love to experience the full body massages in America.

While I was in Bangkok a couple of years ago, I visited the All Spa World located on Airport Plaza. This is one of Bangkok’s most popular Thai massage locations. I was awestruck by the deep tissue massage equipment they had. It was fascinating to see how the therapist worked the muscles. You could feel every muscle being pulled into the ropes, and then pulled out again.

Thai Massage Experience in Phuket, Thailand

In addition to using the Thai massage table, they also use the traditional Thai medicine table and the banana leaves to hold the legs of the patient. This procedure is known as “kapha.” The practitioner holds the legs while using fingers, thumbs and massage tools to ease and relax the muscles of all kinds.

I did have a bit of trouble understanding some of the techniques, but I didn’t have any issues with them when I actually did these techniques. It was evident that the therapists in this part of town were proficient at these things, since they were doing them almost every day. It appeared that they were applying the same method for all of the different muscles and weren’t cutting any of their movements short as they went along. Although I wasn’t aware of the advantages of Thai massage when I was there, my stay helped me be aware of the traditional Thai massage benefits. It might require some effort to adjust however it was enjoyable and I may be tempted to move to the west when I return.

The most memorable part of my stay in Phuket was being taught how to provide Thai massage treatments. I learned a great deal about the philosophy behind these treatments and they were incredibly gentle. The average massage session lasts six months. I was able learn about ten to fifteen months of knowledge in that time. My experience confirmed what I had learned from my Thai therapist and it was more enjoyable than I anticipated. I now know more about Thai massage and am looking into Thai massage classes. I still have some reservations about the quality of massages, since I’m not sure how much of the herbs have been processed, but for now I’m satisfied with the experience.

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