how to gain healthy weight

How to Gain Healthy Weight

For some people, gaining weight can be just as difficult as losing it. If you are not aware how to gain healthy weight then do not worry more about it. Try these 10 easy ways for healthy weight gain and building muscle mass.

Believe it or not, gaining weight can be just as challenging for some individuals as losing it can be, particularly for men, according to Marjorie Nolan, MS, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. It might be just as unhealthy to be underweight as to be overweight, she says, depending on how thin you are. Regardless of weight, eating poorly can cause health problems.

Overeating, especially when it comes to empty-calorie foods, is not the solution if you need to gain healthy weight. Nolan explains, “You want to eat right so that you’re gaining muscle and not fat.”

Follow these 10 Ways to Gain Healthy Weight and Muscle

Eat frequently

Eating every three hours is one of the first steps toward a healthy weight gain. According to Nolan, if you go too long without eating, your metabolism starts to slow down, which is also unhealthy. You’ll consume more calories and stop your body from losing lean body mass if you eat every couple of hours.

Go for variety

At least three different foods should be consumed at each meal and snack. That’s easy during meals, claims Nolan. Protein, starch, and either fruits or vegetables are what you most frequently eat. However, you must also remember to eat at least three different foods when you snack. “In this way, you’re getting a variety of nutrients to support muscle growth.” Peanut butter and crackers or yoghurt and fruit are two examples of wholesome snacks that can make you eat more. According to Nolan, trail mix is a fantastic snack choice because it has everything.

Choose higher calorie foods

According to Nolan, “we think fat when we think high-calorie foods.” Typically, the same amount of protein or carbohydrates has more than twice as many calories as fat. However, stick to the heart-healthy, unsaturated fats, which are primarily found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olives, and avocados. The saturated fats in coconut and palm oil should be avoided. Nuts, seeds, and nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are good options for foods that are high in calories and aid in weight gain.

Drink lots of fluids

According to Nolan, consuming 100% fruit juices and smoothies can provide calories as well as vitamins and minerals. Strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and low-fat yoghurt can all be combined to make a smoothie. To increase the calories and protein content, “you can add a tablespoon or two of protein powder or plain whey powder.” Nolan cautions, “be cautious when using only protein powders to make shakes or smoothies because they can be jam-packed with artificial stuff,” even if you are trying to gain weight.

Eat at bedtime

Have a late dinner or a healthy snack. “Our bodies are very active at night. Our cells are constantly renewing, repairing, and recovering. You’re enabling your body to use up the calories from the day by delaying meals or having a snack before bed, explains Nolan.

Get enough sleep

In contrast to simply turning food into fat, your body needs time to rebuild muscle and store it properly, according to Nolan.

Be active

The best way to gain muscle is through resistance training because it develops muscle tissue that promotes healthy weight gain, according to Nolan. At least two to three days per week should be dedicated to resistance training. A minimum of one to two strength training exercises should be performed for each muscle group. Because the heart is a muscle that needs to be worked out as well, Nolan advises against skipping cardiovascular exercises like jogging, biking, or swimming. “If you gain weight, your heart will need to work harder to pump oxygen and nutrients to all of your extra muscle.”

Go protein-crazy

Protein intake recommendations are 1.5 grammes per kilogramme of body weight, or 94 grammes for a 125-pound person. Make sure to include a protein source in every meal. Low-fat dairy, lean meats, nuts, and seeds are among the nutritious, protein-rich foods that will aid in weight gain. According to Nolan, “Protein is most easily converted into lean muscle mass.” Increasing your muscle mass is crucial.

Say yes to carbs

Another food category that can aid in weight gain is carbohydrates. Eat enough starch or carbohydrates to use the extra protein if you want to increase your muscle mass, according to Nolan. The muscles store carbohydrates and starches, which give you the energy you need to build new body tissue. You must consume enough carbohydrates to fuel the muscle-building process. Multigrain, rye, or pumpernickel breads, beans, lentils, couscous, brown rice, and sweet potatoes are all healthy sources of carbohydrates.

Keep a food diary

When trying to gain weight, this tactic can be very helpful. People who need to put on weight frequently are unaware of how many calories they are consuming, according to Nolan. Keep a record of your eating and drinking habits. If you haven’t put on weight, you can use your food journal to determine how much more food or liquids to consume.

Putting on weight can be difficult. But you can put on weight in a healthy way if you concentrate on gaining lean muscle mass.

So that is all about how to gain healthy weight in a few days. Check the other health blogs collection here.  


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